Hello Wild Gamers!

Some of you may know my Main Blog and Page Wild Wild Vape.

It is a project started in end 2015 and has become the biggest Facebook page about vaping.

Since I enjoy entertaining people and being a content creator, I decided, also to start a Blog and Page about another big hobby of mine, which is gaming.

Now I mainly game on Pc, when I have time for it.

But I also used to play a lot of Consoles (Final Fantasy, God of War, Call of Duty, Gran Turismo, Fifa and much more..)

Since the Videogame industry is also a fast growing market, like the vape industry I also wanted to get a foot into it. 🙂

Like on my other Blog I would like to start with a small FAQ so you have the chance to get to know me better.

When did you start gaming?

I always had the luck to have a dad which was a PC enthusiast and also got the newest gaming devices when they came out like the Atari, Gameboy, Super Nintendo and so on 🙂

So I can’t even remember when I first played a Videogame. 😀

I grow up with it… 🙂

Why do you start the second Blog?

My Main Blog is only about Vaping and even if many of my Follower there might like Videogames, some maybe don’t like it and so I don’t want to mix booth topics in one blog.

What games do you play at the moment?

70% CS:GO,

10% Hearthstone

10% Fifa

10% Random Steam games 😀

What is your gaming setup?

I have to give the sad answer that I mainly play CS:GO on my iMac 😀

Yes I know ”Gamer” hate Mac’s  but I use it for all my Content creating and Work.

However…. be prepared I’m on the way to build a massive Editing and Gaming PC Build which I will showcase on the Blog and also document the process on my Gamer-Youtube. 🙂

What is your goal for the future?

My Main-Blog has a real objective of fighting the tobacco and make the world a better place.

But Wild Wild Gamer is kind of my Fun Blog in which I show and share Gaming related stuff I like and hope to entertain people with it. 🙂

When my MONSTER Pc Build is ready I’m also looking forward to stream and have a closer contact w other gaming enthusiasts. :)ith

If you have more questions about my person you are welcome to ask them in the comments or on my Social-Media. 🙂

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